Apple Macbook Logic Board Schematics

Following on from my post about ASD versions I’m going to add a couple of board schematics to this post. Anyone who has tried to fix a laptop will know getting a free copy of the schematics is half the battle. I have loads of these but this is a good start.

M87 PS

Included in PDF format are Macbook Air A1304 (MLB M96), Macbook Pro A1278 (K24, 820-2530), Macbook M42B,

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El Capitan Scared a Granny (… and more brokeness)

I upgraded to OS X El Capitan so I could be down with the kool kats and join the revolution. Not really – I installed it ‘cos it’s new and shiny. Although the upgrade went smooth enough (and only took an hour) I discovered several applications were now broken 🙁


I’ll save everyone from nonsensical rambling and get down to the facts. First up, prank calls…

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