Use IPv6 even if your ISP doesn’t support it

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Sometimes you just have to know something exists before you look into it. IPv6 tunnels may well be a good example. Many ISPs are stuck in the dark ages, what with their archaic attitudes and red tape procedures longer than a trip to Mars.

It’s dead simple to get IPv6 working at home via an IPv6 tunnel broker.


I guess this is somewhat ironic, given their 90’s style logo and website, but these guys provide the tools you need to get your Internet connection this side of the new millennium. Guess what – it’s FREE!

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Half-Arsed DNS Providers should be shot

Reading Time: 3 minutes

We all know when you buy a domain name the registrar often provides a complimentary DNS service for you to use. Gee thanks you might think. Turns out they’re almost all half-arsed and generally a bit shit.


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